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Integrated Solution is Sole agent in Egypt for ACCEPTA

ACCEPTA  is a leading supplier of high performance industrial and process water and waste water treatment chemicals; specialty chemicals, water testing kits and water quality analysis equipment; reagents, dosing pumps, meters and control equipment.
Through our continued commitment to research and development activities, product innovation, technical support and logistics excellence we are able to deliver significant benefits to our customers across a wide range of industrial, commercial, municipal, healthcare, governmental and non-profit sectors worldwide.

And We are also a sole agent for ERCROS in EGYPT ( Sodium chlorite )

ERCROS can supply Sodium chlorate was the first product from the chlorates family manufactured at the Sabiñánigo plant. A short time later, potassium chlorate production began followed, in 1966, by sodium chlorite production. Both these products use sodium chlorate as feedstock. After some 80 years in operation, the current facilities are comprised of a set of integrated units that use the most advanced technology.
With a combined annual capacity of 50,000 tons, Ercros is the leading Spanish producer of sodium chlorate and the only producer of potassium chlorate and sodium chlorite. It is also a major European producer and exports to many countries worldwide. A third of the sodium chlorate produced by Ercros is for internal use in the manufacture of the other two compounds in this product line.

Description & properties

The chlorates are salts of hydrochloric acid. Due to their strong oxidising nature and their high associated instability, they do not occur naturally.


Sodium chlorite is used in drinking water treatment, industrial and waste water treatment, as well as in fibre bleaching and in industrial food processing, because of its disinfectant properties.

Packaging /Distribution

Sodium chlorite (solution): 25 t. tankers / containers, and polyethylene canisters of 60 l. and 200 l., in pallets and baled.
Sodium chlorite (powder): metal bins of 50 kg. and 100 kg.


lab testingIndustrial & Process Water Treatment :

Our extensive range of advanced technology water treatment chemicals have been developed to significantly improve the management of those problems commonly associated with the treatment of industrial and process waters namely:

      • Scale
      • Corrosion
      • Biofouling
      • Suspended Solids

IS's high performance industrial and process water treatment additives have been specifically formulated for the effective treatment of boilers, cooling towers and cooling water systems; wastewater and industrial effluents, and include:

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